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Anita Grice-Goldsmith

Psychotherapy in Cornwall


About Me

Hello and thank you for visiting my website. I practice psychodynamic/psychoanalytic psychotherapy for adults, and am currently offering sessions online via FaceTime or Zoom.  I offer both short and longer-term therapy, meeting once a week or more often if you would like additional sessions.

I offer a safe and private service, where your confidentiality is assured. 

I am a member of the British Psychotherapy Foundation and am registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I abide by their professional standards and code of ethics. 

I have an MSc in Psychological Therapies Practice and Research (Psychodynamic/Psychoanalytic Therapy) from the University of Exeter and and a Certificate in Counselling (Skills and Theory) from Cornwall College. I spent two years working in the NHS Adult Psychotherapy Service at Livewell Southwest in Plymouth and am now working in private practice near Falmouth in Cornwall. 

I am currently undertaking further training as a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist alongside an Infant Observation course with the University of Exeter. This further training allows me to work with people in more depth at a greater frequency of sessions each week, for those that want a more intensive therapy or find that the space between sessions feels too much with once weekly therapy. 

Prior to this training and work, I spent my time in academia and working in the Third and Public Sectors. I have worked internationally in different cultures and communities and have experienced how, even when we have much in common, there is also a uniqueness that we each bring to any meeting of minds.


What can I expect?


There are many reasons why people seek therapy or feel compelled to seek it. Perhaps you feel stuck in your life, that something traumatic in your past is still causing you difficulty and pain, or you simply want to understand yourself better. Whatever your reasons, it is often hard to face oneself, and the decision to come into therapy takes courage.


Psychotherapy is a longer-term form of talking therapy, with no pre-fixed limit as to the number of sessions, although I can also offer more focussed and shorter-term work if you wish. Your sessions are a secure and confidential space where you are encouraged to speak openly about whatever is on your mind, free from judgement or discrimination. By listening to what you bring, and thinking about it together, we identify the themes and patterns influencing your life that are often hard to see, allowing a different understanding to emerge.


Psychotherapy works with the conscious and unconscious parts of ourselves, to discover the underlying or more elusive meanings inherent within the ways we talk about ourselves, our lives, our relationships and our feelings. In our work together we may look at and think about your past and present experiences and relationships, along with the relationship between ourselves. This can be helpful in understanding how you experience the people in your life, and why. In coming to understand the patterns of your life and the often confusing and painful feelings that can accompany them, you will be better able to work through some of the difficulties and make more aware choices on how to live your most authentic life.


Psychotherapy can feel like hard work and looking at aspects of you and your life can feel challenging. However, it is truly collaborative work, meaning you will not be making the journey alone. As such the relationship that you have with your therapist is of paramount importance.


There are many different types of therapy, each designed to help you in different ways and should we decide upon meeting that psychotherapy does not seem right for you, I am happy to suggest alternatives or refer you to more appropriate practitioners

Next Steps

I believe that the relationship between you and your therapist is central to the therapy process, that finding a good fit can make all the difference. When you feel listened to, thought about, and understood, opening yourself up to another can be transformative.

Because of this I prefer to meet for two initial consultations before deciding whether to proceed to therapy. This gives us a chance to see how we might fit together in the work. Initial consultations last 60 minutes and cost £50 per session.

Should we agree to work together then sessions are 50 minutes long, take place at the same time each week and are charged at £50 per session. I will consider reduced rates for students and those on low incomes, so if you fall into these categories then do ask.

The time we agree to meet is your time and as such any missed sessions will be charged at the normal rate. If given advance notice I will try to rearrange any missed sessions but this may not always be possible. I will not charge for sessions that are missed due to my absence for holidays or other matters and will notify you of any planned absences in advance. 

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